Water Treatment Services

Water Treatment Services

Complete “Tailored” Water Treatment Programs for all your HVAC water filled systems

Mechanical Contractors
We can provide our exceptional service and all your necessary water treatment equipment and chemicals for your new or retrofit installations of boilers and related HVAC systems. We will exceed both you and your client’s expectations!

Property Management Companies

We can provide the absolute most cost effective water treatment solutions to properly and efficiently look after your important client’s water filled HVAC systems.
35 + years supplying unmatched industrial water treatment service and products to owners of HVAC water filled systems in Toronto and across southern Ontario.

Water Treatment Services
provides complete “hands off” Full Service Water Treatment Programs for Heating water, chilled water, dual water, condenser water and glycol filled systems!

Water Treatment Services blends our own chemicals specifically for each application to ensure the best water treatment product is being used for the most economical rate. We manufacture and supply our own test kits.

Water Treatment Services provides the following services:
Technical troubleshooting, Consultation, Lab services and analysis, Boiler and AC internal waterside inspections and documentation, Routine onsite chemical analysis and adjustments of your system chemical levels.

Analytical Services

Water Treatment Services laboratory service provides complete water, scale and bacterial analysis along with corrosion coupon analysis and review.

What’s new about us?

Water Treatment Services now supplies Nitrite and Molybdate based closed system corrosion inhibitors, Nitrite based treatments can be supplied in both liquid and economical powdered form. Packaging options from lightweight 11kg (25lb) pails to large 205 litre (45 gal) drums, Ethylene and Propylene glycol heat transfer fluids (both Inhibited and uninhibited), “All in one” steam boiler treatments blended for your application, Individual steam boiler and condensate system products supplied in both liquid and economical powdered form, System pre-service cleaners and system scale and deposit cleaners. Supplemental corrosion inhibitors specifically for new high efficiency condensing aluminum boiler heat exchange surfaces and for systems containing increased copper,

Upgrading your water treatment equipment?

Water Treatment Services provides a full range of the latest products from pot feeders and sidestream filters to automated web enabled water treatment controllers all specific to your application.