Water Treatment Services

Water Treatment Services

   Water Treatment Services blends our own proven effective chemicals specifically for each application to ensure the best water treatment product is being used for the most economical rate. We manufacture and supply our own test kits. We service and maintain everything we sell and provide you with professional advice on what you need and not what you don't.

Quality Assured

We assure that all of our products are top quality and pass all regulations

Treatment Chemicals

· Affordable... comprehensive and custom tailored water treatment products for all your water filled HVAC systems.

· “All in one” cooling water treatment chemicals with proven and effective scale/corrosion inhibitors and dispersants.

· Nitrite and Molybdate based closed system treatments. Nitrite based treatments can be supplied in both liquid and economical powdered form.

· Many packaging options from lightweight 11kg (25lb) pails to large 205 litre (45 gal) drums.

· Ethylene and Propylene glycol heat transfer fluids (both Inhibited and uninhibited).

· “All in one” proven and effective steam boiler treatments blended for your application.

· Also available..... Individual steam boiler and condensate system products supplied in both liquid and economical powdered form.

· System pre-service cleaners and system scale and deposit cleaners.

· Supplemental corrosion inhibitors specifically for new high efficiency condensing aluminum boiler heat exchange surfaces and for systems containing increased copper.

Empty pail removal program.....We take them back!

Test kits/Reagents

· We manufacture and supply our own economical dropper test kits as well as lab style titration kits. Our refill reagents are made to order in small batches to preserve their shelf life and give you consistent and accurate testing results.

· We supply Colorimetric test kits as well as portable waterproof pH and conductivity testers.

· We supply portable refractometers for accurately measuring both propylene and ethylene glycol freeze points.

· We carry a full range of laboratory water treatment test equipment including casseroles, graduated cylinders, beakers, flasks, test tubes, etc, etc......

Water treatment equipment

We supply what you need and nothing you don't from many different manufacturers and suppliers. General Filtration pot feeders and filter housings , Walchem automated controllers, Pulsatron and Walchem chemical feed pumps.

pot feeders
Web enabled automated controllers
Sidestream filter housings and filter cartridges
Chemical feed pumps
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